Blu Steel Clean Energy

BLU Steel has been developed with healthy natural ingredients and unique flavour combinations to create great tasting energy thats good for the body and mind.
Energising peoples lives, whatever your age, gender or lifestyle. BLU Steel acts as a catalyst aiding you to enhance your life performance; physically by reducing fatigue providing natural energy, and mentally by enhancing mental alertness, clearing brain fog and releasing endorphins. BLU Steel provides the extra % boost in daily life that facilitates reaching your potential. Whether that’s to kick start your day by removing that morning tiredness & Brain Fog, providing the sharpness of mind before that important work meeting or increasing energy levels before a session at the gym, BLU Steel helps you be the best you can be!


0 Calories | 0 Sugar | 100% Steel

BLU Steel Nutrition

Introducing the new sports nutrition range from BLU Steel. A range of Whey and Vegan high quality complex blend Protein Powders and Pharmaceutical grade Creatine to maximise physical performance & aid recovery. See Nutrition Page for full range and bundles available.

Energise Your life!

The future of energy beverages. BLU Steel provides the stimulation of a traditional energy beverage but using 100% natural caffeine, Key B vitamins and ingredients rich in antioxidants, have anti-inflammatory benefits and studies show enhance key brain functions, therefore providing a healthier alternative to traditional energy drinks which are high in sugar and artificial stimulants. 

Our mission

"Here at BLU Steel we strive to use quality ingredients that enable individuals to enhance their mental and physical performance providing a positive catalyst for a healthy lifestyle".

Emma McC - COO BLU Steel

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Customer love

“BLU Steel is to the energy drinks market what Tesla is to the automotive industry, cool clean energy"


Blue Steel Beverages Ltd t\a Blu Steel

Made in the United Kingdom

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