The BLU Steel Story

"Don't call it a dream, call it a Plan"

Following a vivid and life changing dream Rick McClellan pitched to his wife Emma the vision of a business he dreamt they created. This vision was a premium lifestyle performance beverage brand that would change the future of the Energy Drinks market. Rick a Pharmaceutical Science graduate with experience in development began the design of the unique and innovative recipes and following many months of research and business planning (led by Emma) they then created a founding team with three life long friends to solidify the vision and mission of the brand, and hence BLU Steel was born.  

BLU Steel is a premium lifestyle performance beverage brand unlike any other. Inspired by its founders when aspiring to optimise mental and physical performance. BLU Steel combines quality natural ingredients providing the stimulation of a traditional energy beverage but using 100% natural caffeine and with ingredients that studies show promote key brain functions, clear brain fog, release endorphins and increase mental alertness.

BLU Steel’s Rick McClellan states: “BLU Steel is to the energy drinks market what Tesla is to the automotive industry, cool clean energy".

BLU Steel is committed to using marketing and brand awareness as a positive catalyst for a healthy lifestyle and has been developed to enhance performance both mental and physical, kick start the day, aiding individuals to maintain focus in the workplace and improve performance in sport or exercise.

Zero Calories

Zero Sugar

100% Steel

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