Innovate or Loose - A Snap shot into the Future Of The Energy Drinks Market

The global energy drinks market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 7.30% to reach $84.70 billion by 2026. With trends in premium convenience, healthy living, and mainstream plant-based adoption continuing to see even larger growth expecting to continue at +20%pa growth in the Western World to 2030. This rapid surge in market growth is credited to factors such as the rising health consciousness in both physical and mental health/wellbeing, changing food preferences and hectic lifestyles. This coupled with the government’s war on sugar (via tax) is causing the leaders in the energy drinks market (namely Red Bull & Monster) to develop and release low calorie, low sugar, healthier drinks variants whilst attempting to maintain market dominance and position. These market leading brands cannot shake the stigma of being an “unhealthy” brand and hence even with their market dominance find it near impossible to convince the millennial and new age adolescent generation that their brand can and do produce energy beverages which are not “bad” for your health. At the other end of the spectrum there are now many smaller & medium plant and herbal energy beverage brands which contain plant based nutritional ingredients, however predominately these beverages have not managed to develop appealing tastes as a consequence of the natural ingredients used and are mainly retailed through health and wellbeing stores e.g. Holland & Barrett, with the majority of branding on these beverages not appealing to the millennial & adolescent consumer who desire a fashionable brand. 

Enter BLU Steel

These trends and the behavioural shift has created a gap in the current market for a premium lifestyle performance brand that uses natural healthy ingredients combined with unique flavours to create great tasting “Clean” energy beverages and nutritional products that not only focus on physical performance but also on mental performance and importantly have a fashionable brand look and feel that the millennial and new age adolescent􏰀 generations can feel part of. 

BLU Steel “Clean” Energy Beverages have been engineered with natural ingredients: 100% natural caffeine, Green tea, Guarana, Ginseng, B-Vitamins and amino acids that enhance physical and mental performance. Flavour innovation has been key to creating beverages and supplements with natural ingredients that taste great with a unique flavour. 

 BLU Steel competes in the Energy drinks market and with the imminent release of their Nutrition range also addresses the nutrition drinks & supplements market, positioned as the go to premium lifestyle performance brand aiding people to optimise performance both mental and physical in any aspect of life, whether in the workplace, in sport or exercise. BLU Steel launched its initial beverages in January 2021 and will launch its Nutrition range in April 2021. Currently retailing in the UK the brand is expanding rapidly through the initial release of these innovative products and has plans to expand internationally into key markets over the next 2 years. 

BLU Steel with its Look, Ingredients and Taste provides nutritional energy and supplements that appeal to consumers in a way that other brands do not and analogised as being to the energy drinks market what Tesla is to the automotive market, “Cool Clean Energy”. 

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